Thursday, June 30, 2011

Shawn’s IT Tip of the Day – Microsoft Window’s 7

Shawn’s IT Tip of the Day – Microsoft Window’s 7

I’m not usually a fan of upgrading a PC until I’m forced to! ( you know when it dies) However for the start of the summer I purchased a new hard drive and a Copy of Windows 7 to try it out. Since then I have never looked back and can easy recommend Windows 7 to everyone.

Let me back up a little and tell you about Windows 7! If you purchased a computer in the past 5 years it was a computer with ”Windows XP”, or
The operating system we don’t like to talk about “Windows Vista”. At Coldwell Banker Kasey I had “Windows XP” on all my office computers and loved it!
I spent the past 2 years avoiding the Microsoft’s newest operating system Window’s Vista. Windows Vista isn’t bad, it’s just full of weird problems that have not been fixed by Microsoft.

Last year Microsoft came out with a new OS “Windows 7” after all the problems with Windows Vista. I was skeptical about a new OS. However as an IT guy I had to try it out and come to my own conclusion. Now several months later, I do recommend windows 7. I don’t recommend it because it is new and cool,
But manufactures are starting the encourage users to upgrade, by giving people a little push. The push is when stuff is no longer made for old computers! For example, when I upgraded to Microsoft Office 2010 It was not going to install on my old XP computers unless I upgraded to what is called service pack 3, also the new Internet Explorer 9 requires Windows 7. The problem this creates is when you go into a store to buy something for your PC, unless you’re running Vista or Windows 7, you might have to find out if it will work on your “old Windows XP computer”. The Benefits of Windows 7 are huge and I can write a book about them. Today’s tip is just a short tip on what’s happing in technology today and it’s a good time to plan for the future. Not to mention, if your computer is 5+ yrs. old it’s beginning to hit its end of life cycle.

My recommendation for the summer is to start budgeting for a new PC with Windows 7, and I might also recommend Microsoft office 2010 at the same time. I consider myself a penny pincher, but when you figure out how much time you spend wrestling with an old slow PC the upgrade can pay for itself in efficacy!

If you have any questions please E-mail me, I love to help with IT stuff it’s what I do. As always “there is no such thing as a dumb question…”

Shawn S. Pyfrom
Real Estate IT Contractor

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

what is a Murphy Bed?

what is a Murphy Bed?

William Lawrence Murphy (1876–1959), applied for a patent for the Murphy bed on April 1, 1916, and was granted Design Patent D49,273 on June 27, 1916. Murphy started the Murphy Wall Bed Company and began production in San Francisco. In January 1990, the company changed its name to the "Murphy Bed Co. Inc.".

In 1989, an appellate court held that the term "Murphy Bed" is no longer entitled to trademark cover because a substantial majority of the public perceive the term as a generic term for a bed that folds into a wall, rather than the specific model made by the Murphy Bed Co (

Friday, May 6, 2011